Taskplane Changelog

Here you can read about changes, improvements, and fixes we're making to Taskplane on a regular basis.

  • July 28, 2022

    Launching the Public API

    Today we're releasing a big and very requested aspect of Taskplane. A Rest API for building integrations with Taskplane. This is the same API as we are using, so you should be able to do more or less everything you can think off.

    To learn more about what the API offers and start building on top of Taskplane, head over to this Notion document

    Taskplane API Docs

  • July 18, 2022

    Slack integration

    Today we're releasing another highly requested feature. A Slack integration! This means you can connect your Slack workspace with Taskplane 🎉

    In this initial release the integration include the following set of features, but many more will be added along the way. If you have feature suggestions, send them our way.

    • When a task is created, a message will posted to the channel you specified
    • A slash command (/new-task) for creating new tasks from Slack

    This is now our second integration, and we are committed to building many more!

  • July 15, 2022

    Manage your workspaces' tags

    Today we're releasing another very requested feature. The possibility to view and manage all of your workspaces' tags from the workspace settings view

  • July 14, 2022

    Importing boards from Trello

    You can now import boards from Trello into Taskplane. Provide your Trello Key, an API token, and then select which organization to use. You can then simply select the board you want to import. We'll create a new project with the name of your board, a default board, add all of your columns, tasks, and labels from Trello.

  • July 13, 2022

    Importing repository issues from GitHub

    You can now import a repository and its issues as a project into Taskplane. Provide a personal access token, select which account to use, and then simply select the repository you want to import. We will then create a project with the name of your repository, a default board, and a column where all of your issues will end up.

    We also import all your labels from the repository, so you can continue using them as you did in GitHub.

  • July 12, 2022

    Importing from other services

    Today we're releasing a highly requested feature in its first stage. The possibility to import your project from for example Todoist, GitHub or Jira. In this first implementation we have added support for importing from Todoist, but we will add more services.

    To do this, you hit the small import icon the left-hand sidebar, and then you get the opportunity to choose which service to import from. After choosing a service, input an API key from that service, and choose the project you want to import. Hit "Import", wait a couple of seconds, and then your done!

    This is very nice if you don't want to have to manually copy over everything from another service when starting to use Taskplane.

  • July 12, 2022

    Raycast integration

    The Raycast integration is now live on the marketplace, and you can install it from the new Integrations ⚡ view from Taskplane.

    With this extension you can currently do the following.

    • Sign in and out
    • Browse workspaces
    • Browse tasks in each workspace
    • Create new tasks
    • View tasks
    • Open tasks in Taskplane
    • Mark tasks as completed
    • Delete tasks

    We're really excited to be launching our first integration. Now we will continue to build more integrations for tools like, GitHub, Gitlab, and Slack.

    Read more about the integration here

  • July 12, 2022


    The first iteration of notification functionality is now live in the latest beta. This is great if you're using Taskplane as a team. For example, now you will get notified when a team memer assigns you to a new task, or if they remove you.

    When you click on a notification, it will be marked as read, but you can also choose to mark all notifications as read, or not read. Great if you want to focus on work and look at the notifications the next day.

  • July 11, 2022

    Overall improvements and fixes

    After releasing Beta 1 and retrieving a lot of praise, we also received a lot of really great feedback! In this release, we're fixing a lot of small things that blocks your flow, add missing features, and improve some of the UX that wasn't as refined as we wanted.

    • Focus on new subtasks after they’re created
    • Show warning when switching your own role in a workspace
    • Filtering on board and list views
    • Empty states for tags and members
    • Button on board for creating a task in the first column
    • Show name of column in the confirmation box
    • Show cmd+k shortcut in search input
    • Functionality for searching boards in command palette
    • Dynamic column placeholders
    • Placeholder image for user card
    • “Created by” instead of “Opened by”
    • Change subtask icon to list icon
    • Add tag id to list task
    • Show task id on task title
    • Add max width to task title
    • Show tag id on sub tasks
    • Fix task member avatar sizes
    • Dynamic color for task priority
    • Fix typos
    • Proper highlighting of active sidebar items
    • Be able to click on the whole row to open a task in table views
    • Show color dot left to tag in tag filter
    • Empty states in table views

  • July 10, 2022

    Private Beta launch

    We have now released Taskplane in Private beta. We're doing this since we only want to let in a small amount of users, that we'll work closely with, to make the platform even better, improve the UX, and add features that are missing.

    The featuers we're releasing in this initial version are the following

    • Workspaces

      • Create as many workspaces as you want
      • Inviting members to your workspace
      • Possibility to remove workspace members
      • Assigning individual roles to each member
    • Projects

    • Boards

    • Lists

    • Columns

    • Tasks

      • Chat
      • Markdown description
        • Drag and drop, click to upload, or copy paste in images
        • Rich link previews
      • Emoji reactions
      • Automically generated Git branch names
      • Task members
      • Due dates
      • Task priority
      • Tags
    • My tasks

    • All tasks

    • Trash view

    • Command palette for searching everything in your workspace

    • Feedback widget

      • Share a bug, feedback, or an idea from the sidebar

    We're excited to have released Taskplane in Early Access. Make sure to request access today to get to try it out very soon!