Overall improvements and fixes



After releasing Beta 1 and retrieving a lot of praise, we also received a lot of really great feedback! In this release, we're fixing a lot of small things that blocks your flow, add missing features, and improve some of the UX that wasn't as refined as we wanted.

  • Focus on new subtasks after they’re created
  • Show warning when switching your own role in a workspace
  • Filtering on board and list views
  • Empty states for tags and members
  • Button on board for creating a task in the first column
  • Show name of column in the confirmation box
  • Show cmd+k shortcut in search input
  • Functionality for searching boards in command palette
  • Dynamic column placeholders
  • Placeholder image for user card
  • “Created by” instead of “Opened by”
  • Change subtask icon to list icon
  • Add tag id to list task
  • Show task id on task title
  • Add max width to task title
  • Show tag id on sub tasks
  • Fix task member avatar sizes
  • Dynamic color for task priority
  • Fix typos
  • Proper highlighting of active sidebar items
  • Be able to click on the whole row to open a task in table views
  • Show color dot left to tag in tag filter
  • Empty states in table views