Private Beta


Taskplane has now launched in Private Beta

Taskplane app

I've been in the tech industry for quite some time and seen many different ways of doing project management, and the take-away from these experiences is that way too many teams overcomplicate it.

I set out to build a powerful, extensible, and more joyful project management experience.

Meet Taskplane

Taskplane is not a new take on project management. It's a refined implementation of a tried and tested solution. It uses easy to grasp UX, common terminology, and the extensibility you expect from a modern project managmenet app.

My tasks view

As you read from the title, Taskplane is in private beta, taking in a small amount of users to test out the platform and provide valuable feedback. Make sure to request access to Taskplane and you'll get an email once there's a spot for you (should be very soon).

Let's build a more joyful project managmenet experience.

Greetings, Albin