Taskplane is now in Private Beta

Stop managing your tasks.
Get them done

Taskplane helps your team plan and execute on your tasks, through an intuitive and extensible app, that works with your tools.

For teams and organizations

Ship features faster

Choose between the fields in Taskplane to describe the task as clearly as possible, so your team can come up with the best solution in the first place.

Task details
Easy to get started

Import your tasks from pre-existing services

Get started easily with Taskplane by importing your tasks, projects, boards, columns and labels from other services, like Todoist, GitHub, Todoist, and many more to come.

Import project


Taskplane integrates seamlessly with your pre-existing workflows and applications


Add pull requests and issues from GitHub to your tasks in Taskplane


Add pull requests and issues from Gitlab to your tasks in Taskplane


Add hooks for posting new tasks to specific channels in Slack


Add hooks for posting new tasks to specific channels in Discord


Add Figma prototypes to tasks to help members build better features


Create, browse & search tasks right from your desktop with Raycast

For individuals & startups

Multiple workspaces

With Taskplane you can easily create a personal workspace, where you can manage just your own tasks for that next thing you're working on.

Workspaces selector
For a faster workflow

Chat, right on a task

In Taskplane, every task features a rich chat experience, so you and your team can hash out any questions or knowledege gaps before you start designing and building.

Task chat
Git and GitHub integrations

Auto-generated Git branch names

Remove wasteful time in having to come up with your own branch names. Taskplane gives you one right on the task.

Git branch name popover

What people are saying

It's like a cleaner, better version of Trello. So great!
Victor Neumann

Stripe & Invest it!

Taskplane makes my project plans less messy and more enjoyable. With a great and easy design on top of that
Emil Privér


All the features you expect

Taskplane combines an ease-to-use app with powerful features that you expect from a modern project management app


Multiple projects inside of a single workspace at the same time


Use tranditional kanban-style boards with custom columns


Information-filled tasks to help your team build the right thing


Invite your whole team to Taskplane to get more done together


Use the chat to communicate with the members of a task


Tasks don't have to be dull. Show your emotions with reactions


Tag your task with relevant labels for members to faster grasp them


With sub-tasks you can split up a large task into several steps

Due dates

Mark tasks with a calendar due date to help your team ship in time


Prioritize your tasks to help your team know what to focus on

My tasks

Each member has their own inbox for tasks assigned to them


All deleted tasks stay around in the trash, so you can recover them later

Great for teams

Stay in the loop

Stay in the loop of what happens in your team on Taskplane through the notifications in the sidebar. You'll get notified when you're assigned to a task, removed, or if the scope changes.

Easy to get started

Let's not complicate it

Learning the workflow of Taskplane is easier than anything else. It's got the right abstractions, and a refined UX, to help your team worry less about us, and more about you.

New board popover
Everything at your fingertips

At the speed of thought

Using the command palette in Taskplane you can browse tasks, projects, boards and much more, right through the keyboard. Perfect if you're a super-user.

Command palette

Secure your Taskplane

Taskplane is in Private Beta, which means we only let a small group of selected people in. Make sure to request your access to be one of the first to try it out.